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Welcome, artlovers!

A piece of art that speaks to you can open windows
in a room you hadn't even known was dark.
(Lilah Pace)

Hi, nice to meet you! I am Karin, a contemporary abstract artist from Austria.

I've experienced how art can stimuIate the senses and bring you alive. My passion for color, composition and interior design informs everything I create. It truly lights me up to see art transform a space in magical ways (... and I wonder if this is something you and I have in common).


kel is my artist name. I chose it in loving memory of important women in my life.


When I was little, I used to spend hours happily doodling and drawing. My artist dad was my role model. Making art is my new calling after a long career in the consulting field. No longer a city girl, I love being out in nature to refuel and find new inspiration. 

I  have trained with great abstract artists such as Gerhard Almbauer, Annette Lehrmann, Adele Sypestein and Nicholas Wilton in his groundbreaking Creative Visionary Program 2022. And the learning never stops!

Karin ernst retuschiert Kopie_edited.jpg

Artist Statement

I am too curious a person to be fearful of a blank canvas. Each session in my studio is a welcome opportunity to try something new, take risks, make a mess and turn it into a piece of authentic art.Painting abstractly invites me to embrace uncertainty with a light heart as I continue to develop my artistic signature. I like a good surprise, not knowing where the first brushstrokes will eventually take me. My painting process is intuitive & dynamic, but not without intention. Conscious decisions such as the choice of color, contrast and mark making tools are followed by spontaneous responses to the canvas. Underpainting and overpainting overlap for structure and depth and determine the aesthetic quality of the composition.
To me, a painting is much like a piece of jewelry on the wall. Due to my passion for interior design and interest in the materiality of furnishings, I like to incorporate different visual contexts into the presentation of my work. You could say I curate my paintings to resonate with other objects and let them tell their own story.

​I consider a painting „finished“ once I can confidently say I would want it to live in my home forever. When this happens, I know the time has come to joyfully let it go.


If you choose to follow me on my art journey, I'll be delighted. Please subscribe to my ArtLetter in order to get first access to new work and learn about events and special offers!

Abstractly yours,


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