Welcome, artlovers!

A piece of art that speaks to you can open windows
in a room you hadn't even known was dark.
(Lilah Pace)

Meet the Artist

Karin im Schatten halb bearb.jpg

Hi! I am Karin, an emerging abstract artist and painter from Austria.

My artwork is informed by my passion for color, composition and interior design. I create from a place of intuition against contemplation, letting the canvas speak to me.


I've experienced how art stimulates the senses and awakens our emotions. It can transform spaces to calm the soul and refresh the mind.


kel is my artist name. I chose it in loving memory of important women in my life.


When I was little, I used to spend hours happily doodling and drawing. My artist dad was my role model. Making art is my new calling after a long career in organizational consulting. No longer a city girl, I love being out in nature to recharge and find new inspiration.