Welcome, artlovers!

A piece of art that speaks to you can open windows
in a room you hadn't even known was dark.
(Lilah Pace)

Hi, nice to meet you! I am Karin, a contemporary abstract artist from Austria.

I've experienced how art can stimuIate the senses and bring you alive. My passion for color, composition and interior design informs everything I create. It truly lights me up to see art transform a space in magical ways (... and I wonder if this is something you and I have in common).


kel is my artist name. I chose it in loving memory of important women in my life.


When I was little, I used to spend hours happily doodling and drawing. My artist dad was my role model. Making art is my new calling after a long career in the consulting field. No longer a city girl, I love being out in nature to refuel and find new inspiration. 

I  have trained with great abstract artists such as Gerhard Almbauer, Annette Lehrmann, Adele Sypestein and Nicholas Wilton in his groundbreaking Creative Visionary Program 2022. And the learning never stops!